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What are mobile apps?

App is the abbreviation for “application”. In comparison to a web page the main difference is that it is installed on a (mobile) device, e.g. a smartphone.
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Apps, in contrast to a website, do not necessarily require an internet connection. Much of the content is offline. Features such as the camera or content such as contacts or pictures can easily be accessed.
Nowadays apps are increasingly used in a business context. Often apps are a mobile extension of an existing software system with corresponding APIs (application programming interface) to the web application, which facilitate and modernize mobile use. Stand-alone solutions are also developed by us.
Typical consumer apps can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. Once they are installed they are opened via home screen. A native app is designed for a particular operating system. The operation systems are Android and iOS. The interface and the operating logic differ according to the operation system. If an app is programmed for one of the systems it is called a native app. Contrary to a native development is a cross-platform app development or the development of a hybrid app. See more at the bottom of this page.







React Native

Native development vs. cross-platform

Contrary to a/The opposite to a native app development is a cross-platform development or the development of a hybrid app. In this case web technologies are being used. That means our services, the development of web applications and mobile apps merge at this point. Especially for apps with a rather simple user interface, the cross-platform solution is a very good alternative
New frameworks such as for example React Native enable development with JavaScript but use components written in Objective-C, Java or Swift to create native code. Which solution is better or more cost-efficient cannot be judged overall. Many factors are to be considered here. We are happy to consult you regarding the best solution for your app development.
Sample Projects

Cap3 Protocol System for mechanics

Cap3 Protocol System for mechanics

PPI Instant Payments Showcase App

PPI Instant Payments Showcase App

React Native App for Social Research Institute infas

React Native App for Social Research Institute infas

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