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Markus Philipp 19.01.2022 – By Markus Philipp

Bring your Logging in Shape

The goal of this article is to share some of the thought processes we went through reworking the logging infrastructure regarding the needs of a specific project.

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Dr. Nikita Danilenko 09.11.2020 – By Dr. Nikita Danilenko

Why Scala is our first choice for backends

With so many developers and companies using Scala, let's have a look at why Scala is a great fit for most of our projects.

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Kalle Ott 19.03.2019 – By Kalle Ott

Giving a talk at Agent Conf 2019

My experience visiting the Agent Conf and giving a talk about React.js with TypeScript...

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Jan Hosemann 04.12.2018 – By Jan Hosemann

Goodbye Windows Mobile

„mStrand“ is now „Strandservice“. The right time for the migration to Android has come...

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Jan Hosemann 17.09.2018 – By Jan Hosemann

Prototyping for the success of innovation

At the beginning of each development process, there is the need to create a mutual imagination for the final product and to identify technical issues that may appear during the development...

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Jan Hosemann 19.03.2018 – By Jan Hosemann

Apps for logistics – the actual industrial revolution

We´re living in the digital age. While globalization has created a world which is fully connected, digitization is about to shorten those ways...

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