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What is a web application?

Often a web application is about creating a way to manage content and data – to digitize business processes. A stand-alone solution is as possible as an integration into an existing system or adding a management interface to an app.
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Web applications are independent of the operating system of the terminal / end device. The applications are being opened via internet browser. Simply expressed web applications are websites with a significant higher interactive value.
The functionality of web applications is developed with JavaScript while the presentation is of course done via the web standards HTML and CSS. Modern web applications are in terms of functionality similar to classic workstation software. The main difference being that in the case of web applications data processing usually takes place directly on a server (backend). The local computer represents only the frontend, i.e. the user interface. The web application can be run with any current web browser and does not have to be installed locally.
In addition the data can also be acceded on any other device, from any location with internet access, if the URL and - where required - user name and password are known. Web applications are mostly responsive. Meaning they are optimized for all screen sizes and as easy to use on a personal computer as on a tablet.





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Web applications for your business

The advantage/benefit of individual software is that it is developed for you and your business. The web application is therefore custom-built for your needs and business processes. We consult you during the initial requirements analysis and remain your contact for all technical questions in the further course of the project. Even after the implementation/commissioning of your software, support, maintenance and further development are among our services.
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